Never too old for Disney!

Like the majority of people reading this, I grew up with Disney films. Not those high-tech Shrek/Avatar things (I know they weren't actually made by Disney, but you catch my drift!), i'm talking old-fashioned all singing, all dancing Disney movies. Everything about them gets me all nostalgic- especially that iconic "Mickey Mouse" motif that covers all disney endorsed products from Disneyworld Florida to Paris! 

I've always been quite fond of the Disney Couture jewellery brand (available from Asos), which made it okay for us older girls to sport a Disney palace pendant round our necks without that little niggle of "time to grow up?" in the back of our minds! 

Now Disney has gone high, high fashion with a Disney Couture collaboration with the unique luxe jewellery brand Mawi. I saw it on Twitter a while back, and got a little rush of fashion buzz, and today I got my first glimpse of the collection and felt it was the perfect time to return to SW Fashion (I don't actually know what i've been doing with my days, but my blog hasn't really crossed my mind!).

The collection is inspired by the cutesy Minnie Mouse and balances the kitsch factor of Disney with the slick and sculptural edge that makes Mawi so lust-worthy. It's definitely very chic and very fun, but i'm not so fond of the hot pink splashes!

The rest is very charming, and is making me all the more gutted that I will soon be living on a student budget allowing only for magazines, Special K, espresso and the occasional splurge in Primark... God help me. 
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