So get your leather, leather, leather on.

♥ leather.

Sorry to break it to you- leather is back... Again. 

Fashion is just going in a bit of a circle really (Isabel Marant cropped leather bikers anyone? Yes, that really was two whole seasons ago!) and at this rate i'm going to get bored of it... Only joking! Almost had you there, eh?

But enough of my blether and back to, well, leather! If you are feeling a bit bored of climbing into your jeans when all else fails- I didn't actually think I was all that attached to jeans but when I left my faithful Abercrombie skinnies at a friends house recently, I launched into a "what the heck am I supposed to wear?!?!" breakdown when it came to a spontaneous shopping trip. I am reliant on jeans, though I hate to admit it, and I need something to break this habit.

Enter leather (pleather, if your on my budget...) trousers/leggings.

They are the perfect dress up/dress down piece and can work with a number of trends for a number of occasions. Still unconvinced? They are also pretty darn hot... channel your inner Sandy-gone-bad, girls. Send those chills "multiplyin'"

They work for playing around with luxe textures, they work with the shimmery sequins that were everywhere this season and they can be wonderfully androgynous. So get your lovely selfs down to your high street and pick up a pair- you won't regret it (see how versatile Topshop's £32 ones are below...)

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