I won't utter the C word, but...

Topshop have just released images of their upcoming Christmas collections, and they are delectable. I can already feel my money slipping out of my grasps already... and my Christmas list becoming a muddle of jumpsuits, glistening sequins and petrol-blue faux fur.

Yes, we have only just bid farewell to a shocking excuse for summer and I have only just started wearing my opaques again (though I tried to keep my bare legs out past August, it's not practical for someone who gets shivery on a beach in Italy), but I can't resist some of these delights courtesy of Topshop HQ... Fast fashion at reasonable prices so you can look beyond fabulous all party season long.

My picks? The red jumpsuit is a must for my wardrobe- I want it now! It nails the 1970s fluidity as seen at the Gucci show and lets face it, red never really goes out of fashion. It is reserved but still sexy in a nonchalant way. I'm also a little bit in love with the sheer skirt and the mesh blouse with tulle roses- couture touches without requiring a bank loan. The shoes are pretty fetching too- particularly the glittered platforms and star spangled boots.

I may be about to embark on student life, living on £100 a week, but if I budget that correctly that means £15 spent on bread, diet coke and magazines and £85 on the jumpsuit, yes?
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