Just try'na get the London look!

My blog has never really been all about "me" or "my daily style", because, quite frankly me and my style are just downright boring, and you probably have better things to do than look at my cheesy grin as I snap, snap, snap away

However, I just thought i'd share with you lovely people some of my London looks while the city has been under this heatwave/ belated summer. While i'm not sure that I like this heat, given the direly disgusting nature of the tube in the heat, it has given me the opportunity to wear NICE clothes without constantly worrying about getting all shivery and goosebump-y (so attractive...)

First up, I bought this absolutely GORGEOUS little top in Camden market for £14. It is a lovely fine jersey, and comes in a variety of motifs. I was tempted by an adorable rabbit, poking it's head out of a Mulberry Alexa clutch and also by a quilted Chanel handbag surrounded by Chanel make-up. I settled, however, on this Chanel No5 cropped vest which I fell a little bit in love with. The t-shirts are so easy to wear and come in a slightly pricier longer t-shirt style, a lacy trimmed cropped vest and a long sleeved crop top. They make the perfect present, or if you are selfish and have a massive hole in your pocket like moi, then a perfect way to treat yourself. Go on then...

Yesterday, I met my Dad for a lovely breakfast by the St. Pancras hotel and the sun was absolutely blaring down. I got some peculiar looks on the tube, from suit-clad commuters, as I skipped around in my 1940's inspired Miss Selfridge playsuit, and they grew even more peculiar when I started crying after hugging my dad goodbye (man up, you say?). However, I absolutely love this playsuit which would flatter anyone and is a great Miu Miu inspired nod to the 40s trend. Wear with a fur stole from H&M or vintage for an even more AW11 look.
I'm going to be frank: I never really did much vintage shopping in Edinburgh, and I do not even know much about it. Everywhere I went seemed to be filled with hideous 1980s frocks and denim/plaid shirts. However, London is a totally different story. Me and my friends went to the Camden market and browsed around the vintage treasure troves that are dotted around. I picked up this glistening duck-egg blouse (which would have set me back a hefty sum on the high street) for just £32.50 (two for £65). It would work beautifully with jeans and heels for a smart/casual look and it has a delightful 1920s feel to it with the subtly scalloped hem. Mmm i'm in love. 

Though the angle on this snap is cruel and unflattering (hiya chunky thighs!), this navy Miss Selfridge jumpsuit was worn for my LCF induction. I love pairing black and navy, as long as it looks intentional and the shades aren't too close. I love this jumpsuit and I felt so, so summery! (PS the LCF course is made for me- as if I ever doubted that!- and I just can't wait to start and will keep you all (blog) posted!
You know when you have an item, that you get so fixated on you can't get it out of your head? Say hello to my hunt for leather shorts. I searched high and low, Camden Town and Bond Street, before finding the perfect ones in Topshop and ordering online. Simples. I wore them with my favourite Topshop blouse and ballet flats and my fave faux Chanel bag that has had a fair few folk fooled (yes!). I wore this look for the "Fabulous Fashion Film" followed by drinks at the LCF campus. How glam. We watched "Bill Cunningham New York" about the notorious street-fashion photog/ genius who literally lives and breathes his work. Definitely worth a watch if you can.

Last but not least... I LOVE LONDON!
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