LFW: my picks from the Front Row (as if)

As you know, as of yesterday I am now OFFICIALLY a LCF Fashion Journalism student (should I print business cards- or is that too eager?)... I have the ID card to prove it and all! I am also embarking upon my first day totally alone in London town, but i'll keep busy so as not to have another of last night's tremendous breakdowns. And how will I busy myself, I hear you ask? Why, on my blog of course silly... oh, and a talk at Oxford Street Topshop, followed by a Chanel purchase and an airbrushed, wind-machined photo at the Harrods Chanel photobooth (and another trip to Laduree macaroons... blag from the parents while you can fellow students.)

So, due to moving down to London and into my new halls, I have been totally out the loop with the amazing London Fashion Week, so today would be my time to catch up. Here goes... here are my favourite shows from the super stylish city that I one day, may be able to call home.

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