First up, sorry that my blog posts have been few and far between, but I am about to move down to London...
At 17. No mates.
Hmm, as terrified as I am, I am also a little bit excited as i'm pretty much going down there- cheesy as it sounds- to follow my dreams. Just gonna be tough without my mum there to gies a wee cuddle, and obviously i'm pretty scared of getting lost/lonely/lost again. Ah well, a nightly read of the genius "Keep Calm and Carry On" book reassures me that i'd be absolutely kicking myself if I missed out on this mahooosive opportunity.

While i've been bustling around my house deciding whether my London wardrobe requires a chunky cardigan or another pair of boots (the high-heeled Miu Miu boots have beat my fairisle cardi... i'm going to regret that when shivering over a cupasoup), i've kind of fallen a little bit behind of the mighty world of fashion... you know? My passion (such a cliche but "passion 4 fashion" still gets me!) So I still need to actually, properly read Vogue and LOVE as well as needing to fully scan through all the new shows (it's a tough job, eh?)... but here's a little snippet of NYFW and what's going on across the pond.

 It's not my favourite of the fashion weeks, hence the lack of buzzing tweets and blog posts, but NYFW does offer up some cracking shows- as well as, obviously, the first look at SS's hottest trends to look forward to (helloooo orange.)

Now just as Britain braces itself to be hit with the aftermath of the hurricane (something so comforting about listening to howling wind from the comfort of your bed!), and we sling on our woolies and anoraks (read that parkas), we can look forward to summer 2012 with a very sports-luxe vibe at some NYC shows and that ubiquitous floaty summer look that we all know and love at others!

Here are my pick of the shows so far:

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