Going to a new city, to write about clothes. How hard can it be?

Wee lassie, big city. WISH ME LUCK!
This Lakeland cup just about sums it up. All that can combat this moving stress and emotion would be a nice cup of tea. Is there nothing it can't fix?

I have been overindulging on everything from Churros at Wahaca in Soho to complimentary Pop champagne at Selfridges to try and eat/drink my feelings... but i've got to say it, i'm going to miss home.

While London just feels like a much bigger/better/scarier/prettier/cooler Edinburgh, it is daunting and I do feel like a total fish out of water. It will take some getting used to, but i'm trying my best to make my new halls homely as possible. My parents are going home tomorrow, which is terrifying concept, but i've got Selfridges to keep me company... home's just a flight away after all.

ANYWAY. Enough moping. I'm terribly sorry that my blog has been devoid of ANYTHING fashion week related, but i've actually not been keeping up with the shows (feel so out of touch!), i've just been so busy! I will catch right up next week, and still have bags of magazines to read (me and my dad- and his wallet- took a lovely visit to WH Smith in Selfridges and I stocked up on £30's worth... dedication!) so will be back on track asap. ALSO a post is to follow about my (only) exciting LFW experience- a talk from Rachel Zoe! Exciting exciting.
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