Wee lassie, big city.

Photo by Chanel... Natch. 
So first, and foremost, I am settling in okay in London. Today I was actually rather savvy on the tube scrambling around from Oxford Circus to Covent Garden and the like. Surprisingly exciting, until you get stuck in a busy lift (and you are a ridiculous hygiene freak like me) and end up smothering yourself in Han-San. I have lots of exciting things planned in the upcoming weeks, while still trying to convince myself that getting homesick is normal and that I am only here half the year (the LCF course is fabulous- but it is fantastically short term-wise!). So expect to see a lot of blogging from me, given that any moment spent with nothing to do results in teary Skype sessions with my mummy. Just need to get used to this- even if part of me would rather stay at home walking my dog or watching The Great British Bake Off with my parents. I may be 17, but the sooner I start this fashion journalism lark, the sooner i'll be editor in chief at British Vogue... okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. 

So first up, what do you get when you cross Germany's total fashion god with a Great British icon? No, it's not The Queen clad in Hugo Boss, the correct answer would be Chanel's Une Promenade- the Karl Lagerfeld led Chanel takeover at Harrods. And what a treat it is! You aren't allowed to take pictures inside, but me and a few friends were given a delightful guided tour of the exhibition which involved some beautiful installations. First up, we got our make-up done at the Chanel counter (a hefty £25 for a make-over that I absolutely loathed- but Harriet and Nicole looked stunning so it was just me being a misery!) in order to have our photos taken at the Chanel all-singing, all-airbrushing photo booth, which was a real laugh! Then we headed upstairs to the exhibition on the 3rd floor. It entailed a beautiful garden, full of Chanel fine jewellery and Camelia-inspired knick knacks and then a tour 'inside' a Chanel 2.55 handbag followed by various other Chanel havens. My favourite part had to be the Haute Couture suite which housed some dresses that can only really be described as art. I could have spent hours in there (how sad am I?!)

Now don't tell Harrods on me, but I took a cheeky wee snap in the Laduree cafe- my new obsession? I think as much- just because it is so flaming beautiful. So dainty and so elegant. Who cares about the calories?! I opted for the salted caramel macaroon (student lifestyle can wait, ok?) and then the rich-voilet hued blackberry number the next day. I want the box of 12 decorated by Matthew Williamson please... comfort eating in style!

Now, the Oxford Street Topshop is both a maze and amaze(ing). It is full of niche labels as well as mainline Topshop, Unique and Boutique. They have WAH nails and a branch of Eat as well as Frae frozen yoghurt- which I HAD to try because its "frae" Scotland (i'm failing at not being a stereotype- sorry lads.) I tried on a number of irresistible pieces- but this peach silky number from the latest Limited Edition dress collection has to be my favourite. Smatterings of couture-like beads and this beautiful vintage vibe make it decadent and elegant, while the slit keeps the midi-dress from being on the verge of dowdy. Could I justify the £120 as a student? Mmm. Perhaps not. But lucky you if you can! Wear with fabulous faux (or real) fur and delicate heels. Channel that inner 40s icon.

These dalmation print boots, complete with tassels, had me near hyperventilating. Tempted to compile a Christmas list right about NOW... They would look fantastic with a sexy little dress, or perfect with tailored trousers and a blirt (blouse/ shirt- very now!). Or team with a dalmation faux fur coat (hola Topshop Unique!) and back comb your hair and unleash your Cruella De Vil streak. 

Having drooled over a number of foodie/fashion crazes in the past from stylish cupcakes to macaroons via cake pops, the favourite of mine has to be the yummy frozen yoghurt craze! The latest outlet is Pinkberry which has popped up in Selfridges (I. Love. Selfridges.) and offers Pomegranate, Plain, Strawberry, Chocolate and Coconut flavours and some delish toppings. It was a little rich for me, but it was yum yum yum. Ima get so fat.

Mini Charlotte Olympia pumps, Wickle Rupert Sandersons, and Baby Bally

Teensy-weensy Fendi and dainty Terry de Havilland

Little Casedei Pumps, dollsize Vivienne Westwood and totty Dune ruby slippers
Can you believe it has been a whole year of that girly paradise known as Selfridge's Shoe Galleries?! I can't. And to commemorate the anniversary, various designers have translated their sexy shoes into wickle, teeny weeny versions. Get yourself down to Selfridges and check these gorgeous shoes out! They are available online shortly!

More from London shortly! I love it but miss my beloved Burgh too... nobody understands me being "absolutely cheesing" that Topshop had my coat...

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