College and Croissant.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci at PFW

Firstly, i'd just like to apologise for some serious breaks in my blogging! You'd be forgiven for thinking that I am not even aware that Paris Fashion Week is going on... The truth, however, is that I have been trying to get used to living in London and have subsequently lost all grasp of the blink and you'll miss it pace of fashion week.

While I did pay homage to Paris in allowing myself a cheeky little croissant, against the advice of Madamoiselle Elle who tweeted about the generous butter content in one of those flaky beauties, I have not been able to keep myself as glued to the site as I have done in previous seasons, I fear Westfield and Yo! Sushi may have taken over my life...

Today was my first official day of university and we were briefed on the basics of Teeline shorthand (aka modern day hieroglyphics: it's. insane.) as well as given a lecture on the fundamental principles of journalism in terms of markets and "tribes" and obviously the making of trends. The latter lecture culminated in 'the muffin debate', where the various fashion journalists and PRs had to decipher, based on nothing other than appearance, what kind of muffin four unsuspecting students preferred: blueberry or choc-chip? While I held back from commenting, scared that I would make an unintentionally rude remark like "he looks like he likes a good muffin" (despite the obvious point that nobody in a room full of fashion students actually looks like they like a good muffin), the concept was pretty interesting: how much can you tell by looking at someone? How much is your judgement tainted by their sex, their posture, their expression and, most notably, their style?

I suppose that's one of the fundamental ideas of fashion though, isn't it? How we present ourself is how we are judged, whether or not that's fair. One girl stood with her arms folded and thus people believed she was a 'muffin-hater', a real mystery, whereas had she stood with open posture would she have looked like a muffin enthusiast? Hmm... get's you thinking, doesn't it. I suppose that's the point of university!

Still, back to my grovelling and long-winded apology for being an outright useless fashion blogger and having no, that's NO, coverage of PFW... despite how amazing the shows have been. Just wait till it's all over, though, and you can brace yourself for a MAMMOTH post to get your pulses racing for Paris, and obviously SS12, because this flaming weather in London (eek at 26 degrees), leaves no room for all those winter trends we had prepped ourselves for.  Times like this I miss bonny Scotland!

Still, until later, au revoir! There's always a croissant to get your Paris fix, or a muffin if you're that kind of person? Why must all my ventures return to baked goods?! It's starting to worry me.
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