Rihanna covers Vogue UK
♥ Rihanna's recent British Vogue cover has caused widespread controversy. Many argue that Rihanna has been made to look much paler on the new November issue, which has been slated. It brings back that age old concern about whether high fashion is still slightly racist, even in this day and age. Still- it could just bee the lighting on the shoot- we will see. If not, shame on you Shulman.
Kate Moss at LV SS12

♥ Kate Moss requested specifically that she could close the show at Louis Vuitton. The model, who practically walks in no shows nowadays asked MJ if she could walk in his show- securing his status as one of the decades most respected designers, like, ever. He said :  "Well, you know, Kate is such a dear friend. And she asked to do the show. So why not?" (that wasn't just casual conversation between me and Marc Jacobs- quoted from the Grazia website unfortunately!)

Dior by Anselm Reyle
♥ On the ever-popular topic of Mr. Jacobs, we have the latest inkling to suggest he may be about to pack up and move to the mighty Christian Dior. notes that Dior have just unveiled a new accessory collaboration with Anselm Reyle- a German pop artist. Given Marc's love of all things graffiti and pop-art (see the Stephen Sprouse collab with Louis Vuitton), this collaboration has something very Jacobs about it... watch this space (hitting stores next January- March).

LFW Talent Christopher Kane
♥ Unless you've been living under a rock- possibly one of those decorating the Chanel show? that's the only excuse- you will know about the great FASHION WEEK CLASH. Uh-oh... these things shouldn't happen to the beautiful people of the fashion industry! Yes, Milan fashion week has been scheduled so that it actually clashes with London Fashion Week and this really is bad news. The buyers are likely to skip over LFW (the fun, fresh talent) to head to Milan, where the real money is at. While LFW is full of artistic and fantastic talent, it's not commercially that important so if Milan decides to steal some of our showtime- London is in biiiig trouble. Let's hope this gets sorted. The BFC say: "We are in direct discussion with our counterparts and hope to resolve the matter over the next few weeks. We have a great deal of support from both international and domestic media and retailers in retaining groups agreement." All is not lost LFW... I blame these stupid Olympics.

Ms Wintour

♥ 'Ice Woman' Anna Wintour has steered US Vogue right to the top for many years now, and at the Ad Age awards, US Vogue was named "Magazine of The Year" beating prestigious titles like Vanity Fair and The Economist. Who said you had to be nice to do well? And in other Anna news, when asked about the Kanye West collection she retorted "ask someone else." Speaks louder than a scathing online review any day: that's gotta hurt.

Iris Apfel

♥ With 'Mary Queen of Frocks' returning to our screens this week, her promoting a new fashion range to dress "women, not girls", fashion seems to have taken a new direction. Think fashion's ageist? Well, you're right, but just now change is in the air. The Guardian's fabulous fashion site now has a new blogger for older women and the piece is very interesting (read it here). It coincides with the sudden surge of interest in the iconic Iris Apfel and her outlandish, and fantastic, sense of style. She proclaims that she is the "oldest living teenager", and she lives by Diana Vreeland's iconic words "bad taste is better than no taste". This fascination with the older generation is sure to catch on- and why not? They have so much wisdom and have actually LIVED which makes them about a million times more interesting than an Eastern-European pre-teen model, non? (If you want to see something fabulous, click here: street style with a twist by Ari Seth Cohen)

Paris: where the money's at
♥ The economic slump may instil a wave of yawns among my readers, "what does that have to do with fashion?" you cry. Bear with me, for it has a LOT to do with fashion. The good news is, the economy is not about to dampen the fashion industry but smaller, less wearable brands will take a big hit, and possibly luxury houses too. Marigay McKee of Harrods, however, intends to order as much from the shows as last year, but mostly from Paris- where the collections were more accessible and commercial, and thus more likely to sell. Luxury brands like Dior, Valentino and Louis Vuitton say trading is as strong as ever, but the Hermes chief executive Patrick Thomas warns that this current economic situation may have a detrimental effect on luxury sales in the future stating: "The fact that we do not see it today does not mean that we will not see it tomorrow". Mmm... ignorance is bliss, ladies. Just hold on to those Birkins.
The impeccable Kate

♥ With fashion gossips tweeting and blogging about the widely-anticipated next move of the Duchess of Cambridge, many are now speculating that Anna Wintour may have managed to lure her to pose for a Vogue cover. It's no secret that Kate is adored in the US, and a Testino should would be quite delectable. However, The Queen is said to be unamused with the rumours: too close to Diana for comfort? What do you think? Does the Duchess have what it takes for US Vogue? Mmm...

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