Another week, another haul of fashion infused stories for us to sink our teeth into. 

*First up, the news that all fashion folk are entranced by at the moment would be that of the great fashion week clash- Hollywood studios take note, this is clearly epic blockbuster potential. The toss up between the commercial importance of Milan Fashion Week, who have declared it a case of “may the best man win” and the creative flair that London encapsulates, and always has done. Both are important, but money is money and the buyers need to do their job. No matter how they may enthuse about a MeadhamKirchoff show, they know that the clientele at Harrods aint going to be buying into crimson cobweb knits. They know that they need to get their stock in Milan- home to Gucci, Armani et al, the brands that carry the dollaz (or euroz, or poundz, delete as appropriate) and, obviously, the wearability. So could this mean NO LONDON FASHION WEEK?! Like, at all? There are whispers, but the BFC can sort this out, I reckon. After all, a fashion season without a Christopher Kane mainline show seems almost pointless.

* Stats released last week show that the majority of beautifully meticulous haute couture goes straight to the middle east, where wealthy Asians are dashing from Paris to Bahrain (fancy a remix of that fab Euro-pop “From Paris to Berlin”? No?) laden with Chanel and Givenchy (mmm Givenchy). This week, fashion has, once again gone east. On the 7th of October so-luxe-it-hurts Hermes opened their second Indian store in Mumbai and have since revealed plans for a limited edition range of silken saris. A spokesman said that the line may expand depending on “how it is received”. While other brands like Armani have utilised the potential menswear market in India, Hermes have gone straight to the ladies, carrying their hubby’s cards. It seems that this global economy (yawn) is leading to a serious luxury boom on the other side of the world. Lucky ladies of Mumbai!

* Didn’t manage to hop over to NYC in time to catch the McQueen exhibition that has had me literally salivating for months on end? Well, all is not lost. While there have been no confirmations that the various petitions to bring McQueen’s genius back to the city where it was most appreciated have been successful, it is highly likely that us Londoners (have I fooled you, or do I use “wee” way too much to be a London girl?) will be able to feast our eyes on the “Savage Beauty” exhibition in due course. Patience is a virtue, ladies. Another plus is that the exhibition is nearing the end of it’s super-successful run at the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’. This is a plus, if you’re wondering, because it means another fascinating exhibition can get underway and details have been released. The exhibition will focus on two female stars of Italian fashion, who are, incidentally, polar opposites: Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. It will look at how both have influenced the fashion industry, and will be entitled “Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuiccia Prada: On Fashion”. Can’t wait to read all about it and wish someone would whisk me off to NYC... Any takers?

* Urban Outfitters are in a little bit of trouble at the moment. Naughty, naughty. They have been criticised by Native Americans for belittling their culture with a variety of garments branded “Navajo”. Said garments include itsy-bitsy tight dresses and pants, and Native Americans are slightly offended. Sarah Houston Brown has said:
"The…tacky products you are currently selling referencing Native America make a mockery of our identity and unique cultures.”. Urban have since apologised for any offence.

* Releasing a CD, tweeting looks before they even hit the catwalk and a serious Facebook following, Burberry has forever been at the forefront of the digitalisation of fashion, and has now been officially commended for this. Christopher Bailey has directed Burberry from stuffy trench coats and tartan to modern luxury and has now pipped international brands like Coach and Armani, and 47 other global luxe brands, to be titled the most “Digitally Competent Luxury Brand” by prestigious NYC LuxuryLab (L2). The top 10 included Gucci and Louis Vuitton, while Manolo Blahnik was called “ready to wear, not ready for web” as Prada lagged behind dubbed a “technological disappointment”. Ouch. Well, good for Burberry in this respect- but the SS12 collection? Hmm... Preferred Prada to say the least!

* Don’t get me wrong, I kind of love Mary Portas. She is extremely entertaining and her latest show- about her debut big-scale retail venture alongside House of Fraser- is perfect post-uni viewing (a particular favourite part of mine would be her full on protesting to being featured in the ad campaign- is she unaware of the cameras following her every move? Or that her name is the brand? Or that all mannequins have Mary-esque wigs? Apparently so!). However, her comments in an interview with Heat magazine dubbing the cabinet “an ugly bunch” were a little bit catty, non? Sure enough, they could do with a little sprucing up, but would they not be equally lambasted if they morphed into glamourous creatures shimmying around in Tom Ford? Plus- it’s not really their job to be impossibly gorgeous! That Mary sure loves a bit of controversy!

* Remember Kate Moss’ amazing wedding, as captured by Testino for US Vogue? How could you not! She’s. So. Gorgeous. Well, do you recall the 1930s Great Gatsby theme of the lavish ceremony? (link to the Rock’n’Roll Great Gatsby piece) Of course you do! Well Gatsby is back in fashion with rumours confirmed this week that Tiffany & Co will kit out the stars of Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming movie adaptation of the classic novel in dripping diamonds and jewels. Can’t wait! Love me some sparkle, I do.

 Coco Rocha- that stunningly feline model that the fashion industry adores- has spoken out against the increasing number of models starting out at the tender teenage years of 14, 15 and 16. Having started her own career, swapping humble Canada for the notorious industry in Europe, at just 15, Rocha has always been candid about how ruthless modelling can be (a case in point, her recent Elle UK article) and this is no exception. She has said that these girls are too young to be treated as adults, something I certainly agree with. Who said models had no substance?

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