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Pippa style at Debenhams
*I have always been pretty anti-Pippa Middleton. In my view, she is merely a glorified Chelsea toff with a toned bottom. I don't get the appeal at all- and one thing is for sure: she is 100% NOT a style icon. By any stretch of the imagination. However, that doesn't stop the Middy-mania as high street shoppers can now clamber to get their hands on the first high street reproduction of Pippa's ivory silk McQueen bridesmaid's gown. Now, i'm not blind: the dress itself was stunning, but why do people want to imitate the look? And, my goodness, people do. The £170 already has a waiting list and it seems that this dress is sure to launch a thousand copies by Christmas.

*It's the most recognised little luxury packaging in the world- it's every woman's desire to stumble upon a little flash of Tiffany turquoise in her boyfriend's pocket. Tiffany blue is iconic- and it's all theirs. This week, they threw their weight behind Christian Louboutin in his appeal against a court ruling stating that he could not trademark his synonymous scarlet soles- and that YSL had every right to use red on their soles. The verdict, due in January, could be massively benefited by support from Tiffany, but whose side are you on?
Grace Kelly by
Clarence Sinclair Bull

*The recent 'Glamour of the Gods' exhibition on at the NPG brought to light the decadence and beauty of old Hollywood glamour, and seems to have kickstarted a wave of nostalgia- while also creating a certain nosiness with regard to the private lives of the stars of the screen, or, as John Kobal thought of them, the gods and goddesses. As mentioned in last weeks FFB, there is a new Marilyn Monroe biopic set to hit cinemas, and now there are plans for a movie about the endearing Grace Kelly. Scripted by Arash Amelhaving, it is supposedly set to be "similar to the Kings Speech in scope and tone" and give an insight into Princes Grace's life in her years as a film star. But who should star? Comment your thoughts below!

aleXandro Palombo
*She's the woman who never stops, the one we all- in my case, not-so- secretly wish we were. The one who pretty much owns fashion in her porno-chic fabulousness. Who else could it be but Carine Roitfeld? Not quite content with writing and promoting her book (on my Christmas list, natch), styling various shoots and shows and working on her own fashion quarterly; WWD has this week reported that she has styled the forthcoming SS12 Chanel campaign- which I can not wait to see, having adored the aquatic themed Chanel show. She styled the AW11 campaign starring the androgynous Freja Beha Erichsen dressed as a cat in a photobooth- one of my top campaigns of the season- and Lagerfeld has described their latest work as : "all about athletics and the sea…It's very modern sportif and in black and white". I'll be sure to post it as soon as possible!

*And now from Carine to Karl. Not content with his global projects ranging from Fendi to the recent Harrods exhibition, by way of a Diet Coke collab, the Kaiser has yet another (few) projects on his hand. His commercial approach to fashion is open to criticism- notably Ala├»a who suggests he "never picked up a pencil in his life"- but he is still one of the most adored in the industry (and is even a popular Hallowe'en costume-  check this out!) This week, his new perfume has been released- Karl Lagerfeld Kaleidoscope. The fragrance is rooted in a powdery violet (yum- sounds like Parma Violets... oh the nostalgia), and does sound rather charming. Far from staid, Karl explains his choice of floral as "[representing] all the facets of a woman. It is the quintessential Kaleidoscopic flower." Get it on your Christmas list ladies! (that said- it could be horrid, I haven't actually had a sniff!)

*The other Karl news? Well if you long to have a little piece of Lagerfeld in your wardrobe- and your relationship with Chanel is very much look-but-can't-afford-to-touch, then this news may make your week that little bit brighter. Karl is set to launch an accessible line called- wait for it- "Karl" on net-a-porter with prices starting at around £50. Would you buy into a more mainstream Lagerfeld-fix? I think I may just wait till I can get the real deal... Fifty years saving should do it?

*We all know about my thoughts on celebrity fashion ranges, and this weeks fashion news has once again been peppered with stories about celebs putting on their designing shoes. Firstly, Dita Von Teese has revealed plans to follow up her celebrated lingerie line with a fashion range with David Jones. It is set to go on sale first in Sydney, then should hit our shores late November. Available in size 8-20, she obviously is going for a retro glamour- but will it be a success? Who knows! But I doubt it'll be anywhere near as profitable as the divine Mrs Beckham's ventures which, it was revealed this week, are on track to make around £60 million from her fashion ranges alone (up 70% in the same period last year!) Kudos to VB.

*There's going to be no space left on your coffee table at this rate! Everyone from Terry Richardson to Louboutin are churning out glossy volumes to take pride of place on your coffee table, and the latest to follow suit are Christian Dior. In the new book "Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier", esteemed photographer Demarchelier captures an array of supermodels in the Parisian house's finest couture from the archives. He states "when you're a fashion photographer you must inspire a dream... With Dior Haute Couture, the dream is already there".

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