I promise: I did have all my notes of the weeks news rounded up to post on Friday, going all Jon Snow on ya, but it totally slipped my mind as I made sure that everyone going on my blog new about the Westfield competition, and also I got sidetracked by my oh-so time consuming post about the Elle and H&M event- who knew exporting a clip to YouTube would take 40 minutes? Thank god for re-runs of Miranda (a very unfashion-y girl crush, but I think I love her) and Options white hot choc (tastes like custard!)

Well, everyone likes the news on a Sunday with a nice cuppa, don't they?

Spot the difference!
*A song entitled S&M was never going to come with a particularly innocent video, and controversy was bound to follow, but plagiarism? Oh Rihanna... The risque songstress has once again made the FFB headlines for paying an undisclosed amount to respected photographer David LaChapelle for plagiarism of his work in her infamous S&M video. The law suit, which LaChapelle insists was "not personal, just business" claims that the "composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colours, props, setting, decor, wardrobe and lighting" were taken from his work- she doesn't do things by half! Not even plagiarism!

* OMIGOD! SHUUU-UP! REEM! If you're not familiar with the so-fake-it's-fab TOWIE, then fear not- i'm not having a fit- that's just some of the lingo spouted by Essex's finest as they strut their surgically-enhanced stuff from Sugar Hut to Minnies boutique. But if the sound of 'pra-feshnal' Vajazzling and mahogany tans sends shivers down your fashion-conscious spine, then look away now. Yes, the TOWIE girls are taking over our high street and helping us mere mortals dress in a way that can entice esteemed Essex lothario Maaark Wright. Billy and Sam Faiers have released their range at House of Fraser- full of hot pants and skimpy dresses (well it wasn't going to be midi-skirts and creepers...); Lucy Mecklenburgh has unleashed her LoveLucyx range online (bless her, putting a wee kiss at the end for extra glamour...); Jessica Wright has a range With Love, Jessica Wright available in Topshop and Lauren Goodger has revealed a collection for Fashioncapital for Essex gals from size 8 to 18. As someone with a certain distaste for "celeb" designers, my blood is boiling again... The loveable Arg may just say i'm being too "opinionistic" (genuine quote.)

VOGUE Italia
* If I say fashion magazine, you'll probably say VOGUE. It's the most iconic publication in fashion (even if Elle UK may trump British Vogue as it stands) in all it's international guises. Vogue Italia is one of the more respected editions, headed up by the fabulous Franca Sazzoni, and it has taken a turn that could elevate it even further. Vogue US launched an online fashion encyclopedia a while ago, and now Vogue Italia is set to follow suit- with a twist. The new online concept- entitled Vogue Encyclo- is set to cover everything from trends to Tim Burton, and even allows readers to submit content. While the content will be monitored by editors, the site offers young writers to get published (albeit in Italian) and each piece will have a byline. Take that Wintour!

* Popcorn at the ready ,film's going all chic on us(incidently- has anyone noticed a massive gastro trend for popcorn? Selfridges, Harrods and Topshop are all stocking abstract flavours of the stuff from salted toffee to goats cheese... who wants Butterkist, anyway?) First up, we have the not-so fashion-y movie interpretation of Lionel Shriver's poignant "We Need To Talk About Kevin"- one of my favourite books of all time. Starring the amazing Tilda Swindon, the film has had rave reviews and is tipped for Oscars aplenty. While it may not be light, Orange Wednesdays, after-uni viewing, it is undoubtedly topping my "must see" list. If you prefer something that's not going to make you question the nature of humanity (some prefer something lighter on a sunday afternoon), you can get your fashion film fix in the shape of a new Tom Ford documentary entitled 'The Visionaries: Tom Ford'. It premieres today and follows the fantastic Mr. Ford from his acclaimed return to womenswear up to February this year. It'll be unmissable viewing for fashion lovers everywhere- i'm dying to see a more human side to one of fashion's most mysterious, and hard to please, men. Last but not least, next week sees a new film starring Michelle Williams about Marilyn Monroe- oh the glamour!
Red soled YSL Tributes

* YSL got  sole, and it's still a red one- despite efforts from Louboutin. This week Louboutin have launched an appeal against the US court decision not to grant an induction to stop YSL producing red soled shoes. Give it up Louboutin: I'd still rather a collection of Louboutins!

Duke and Duchess
* How would you describe The Duchess of Cambridge's look? Chic? Simple? Boring? All-American?... Yeah, the latter didn't strike me either, but that's what head designer at Calvin Klein is saying. In an interview this week, Francisco Costa claimed that the duchess was "very Calvin Klein" as she looks like "an all-American girl". I'd have gone with English rose! These designers will say anything to get K-Middy in their dresses (envious, me?)

DVF by Warhol
* FASHION WEEK UPDATE. All hail DVF! Diane Von Furstenberg of the CDFA is proposing moving NYFW a week earlier than previously scheduled so as to meet the diva demands of Milan Fashion Week. Is LFW saved? Let's hope so! However, it comes with a condition- they will only move the dates in exchange for a formal agreement with Milan regarding scheduling from 2013 onwards.
Miu Miu Resort

* The adorable Haillee Steinfeld has been swapped with an older model for the latest Miu Miu campaign. Not that that'd be tricky, given that she's about 15. Guinevere Van Seenus has replaced Haillee for the new ads at the ripe old age of 34- and I have to say she looks pretty darn good! I feel Guinevere may be more akin to the real Miu Miu market- tweens and Mizz readers rarely have the money to splurge on glittery Miu Miu heels.

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