L is for...


Alas, I have been defeated in the Westfield Guest Blogger competition by Zara of "Mouldy Fruit" (i'd link  it, but to be honest I think this is not so much a case of "Mouldy Fruit", rather sour grapes...)

I would just like to thank everyone who voted for my little blog, and I really, really appreciate it. If only 150 more had bothered.

Ah well, I guess a £100 Westfield voucher is a little bit better than a kick in the teeth, and coming second isn't exactly too rubbish.

Still, i'd love the opportunity to gorge on Halloween "candy" and eat my feelings... Instead I have a cupboard full of apples and porridge oats. Loving life.

Maybe this fabulous maxi could console me?

Impractical? Uh-huh. Do we care? Nuh-uh.

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