Today we were treated to a lecture about how powerful photography can be, complete with a “squeam-meter” from 1 to 5, to avoid students squirming/leaving/fainting. Alas, everyone was alright, but it certainly gave us a lot to consider.

Naturally, images can be captivating in every sense of the word and they hold so much more power than people often think.
Now i’m no esteemed photojournalist, nor am I a budding Testino, I am just a student with a Sony Coolpix. But still, I like to take pictures just as much as the next person, so here are some of my pretty spontaneous snaps from around Laaaandan.

They aren’t powerful.
They aren’t poignant.
They weren’t time consuming.
They aren’t all that thought-provoking.
They aren’t high quality.
They aren’t beautifully lit/composed/styled.

All they are, I think, is attractive. They are just nice images of things that caught my eye for whatever reason- and that, according to todays lecture, is all photography needs to be.
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