She's Elle-ectric

A style talk from ELLE UK's Executive Fashion Editor Anna Ogundehin?
20% off H&M?
Chance to win a £250 voucher alongside the opportunity to be front of the queue when Versace for H&M (finally) hits stores?
Networking with some of ELLE's most influential ladies?
Free cocktails?
Goody bag?

How. Could. You. Resist?! I certainly couldn't and therefore am bringing you a little post on the event in the form of a (drum roll, please) VIDEO. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of typing out a full account of my time at this very stylish event at H&M, you can enjoy my videos below and see SW Fashion go all tech-y on you! It's a work in progress so don't expect anything rivalling Sofia Coppola, but i'm trying to be a little more media savvy.

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