Shoe Heaven, Shoe Hell

image from Sunday Times Style magazine
Ever watched "Saturday Kitchen"? James Martins cookery programme that makes for lovely hangover viewing as he makes his unapologetically lethal food- in terms of calories that is: you think you've got a lovely little fish dish going on- sufficiently tasty and still reasonably healthy- then James will sling in a carton of cream and a dollop (blob) of Lurpak and suddenly it's complete.

My point, however, is a lovely feature they do with their various guests: Food Heaven and Food Hell- a dish they love and a dish they loath and it was the unlikely inspiration for this spontaneous little post from the comfort of my train (15 minutes free wifi? East Coast you stingy lot... I will just use my trusty phone!) While far too many celebrities cite lobsters or steak as their "food hell" just to get a decent meal (cheeky. my food hell is certainly cherries and champagne okay?), it's an idea that applies to fashion- one girls lust is another's disgust.

While reading this Sundays Style magazine I spotted a pair of Valentino shoes and instantly fell in love- sexy leopard print, savage studs, pointed toe and a little heel (NICE kitten heels? I surprised myself too...) and the moment I saw them I thought of my friend Nicole- a fellow fashion journo student- who would probably squirm at the sight of said shoes!

While I would happily fling them on with a pair of jeans and a cream blouse and feel tres chic, Nicole- who cites kitten heels and pointy toes as two of the ugliest footwear features around- would probably rather wear Crocs! Each to their own, eh?

I'll take them in every colour if you're listening Valentino?

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