SW Fat-shion

I know, I know, I know: this is a fashion blog.

I keep trying to stay on focus, but at times I can't stop myself overlooking the latest fashion offerings in favour of something a little sweeter. That, my friend, would be my wordy way of saying that I like pretty cakes: a lot.

 I suppose a fashion blogger with a not-so-secret sweet tooth is something of a contradiction. Fashion is, if you were to dumb it down, about looking good- and how could I honestly rock SS12's bare midriff while surviving Winter on a few dozen cupcakes/ Krispy Kremes a week? Hmm. Not without repulsing half of London, I think. In all seriousness, though, I think fashion needs to shake off that skinny stereotype because the majority of the fashion world do follow the trends, but we also follow our stomachs... and my stomach is drawn to anything with a little bit buttercream. What's wrong with a little dainty treat now and again anyway? Sometimes one needs a pick-me-up, and my student budget won't stretch to a Mulberry handbag i'm afraid.

And, what's more, one of my first lectures as a Fashion Journalism student at LCF involved a discussion about muffins. Cake is chic. Deal with it Daphne Guinness, while you may wish to "eat when you're dead", I need my macaroon/cake pop/cupcake/doughnut/crepe (delete as appropriate.)

Now while I may be a little too out of pocket, and a little too strict on my diet, to actually sample all the cakes and fancies that London has to offer, I suppose I can still look... and smell... and pinch a little icing? Perhaps not the latter, but I can still take pictures and go on about how much I would love to scoff one of "Cox Cookies and Cakes'" spongy delights topped off with a choccy-bicep.

First up for my cupcake critique- just call me Nigella, yeah?- is Lola's with branches in Selfridges and Topshop as well as a store in Mayfair. It is perfect for those conscious of consuming half their daily calorie intake on one lovely jubbly cake, Lola's offer your regular larger cupcakes as well as smaller versions for a bitesize treat to give you a little bit of much needed Oxford Street energy. Flavours include glittery coconut and moreish rocky road as well as more traditional offerings like vanilla and the mighty red velvet- as well as October's delight of Caramel Apple Pie which literally has my mouth-watering right about now... WHY do my cupboards contain only Ryvita, Porridge Oats and BBQ Sauce?! My breakfast could be something special tomorrow. They are pretty well priced as well, which is a bonus, with a box of nine dinky minis for £10.99, all topped off with a delicate bow. Plus, I must give kudos to the girl at Lola's in Topshop who, after some obnoxious passer-by nudged a friend's cupcakes and butchered a red-velvet one, replaced said cupcake free of charge as well as reboxing the cakes.

And I will finish the post off, as I have not yet ventured to the Notting Hill branch of the iconic 'Hummingbird Bakery', by mentioning "Cox Cookies and Cake". I will start with the location: a stones-throw from a XXX video store and a short walk from Ann Summers, this cupcake shop- without risking sounding vulgar- looks like a sex shop. A project by shoe designer Patrick Cox, the bakery is quite something: all black with neon decor, but the cakes- OH the cakes. Who needs a man when you can sink your teeth into a delicious kiss cupcake with a oozy blueberry centre? Or a cola cupcake with a sachet of ferocious popping candy to boot? Even the most staid of cake-lovers should take a trip to Soho for one of these bad boys! I will certainly be making a return just so I can purchase a vanilla scented, blueberry filled "Pop" cake topped off with a white chocolate image of Andy Warhol's Marilyn.

 Ah sod fashion. Let's get fat. 

I'm joking... I still love you fashion.

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