What's Her Name?

November 2011

Ah the possible titles for this post were endless. "Only Girl in the World" was tempting, "Take a Bow" another- if only the Armani Privé frock was decorated with a bow rather than those pretty oriental blooms- a spin on "Good Girl Gone Bad" at "Good Girl gone Vogue" didn't quite have a ring to it, but I settled for this one.

Not just because the song always reminds me of friends as we like to alter the lyrical magic to "SHO-NA-NA thats my name", because we're fun like that.

Also because Rihanna is almost beyond recognition in this suave snap. Where are the bejewelled knickers and fishnets so elegantly sported in recent months? And this blonde hair? Who's this Rihanna then?

Well it's certainly time to sit up and listen, because she really is "the only girl in the world" right now, as one of the most successful female singers in a long time. Even if her voice is a little nasal for my tastes (ooh controversial), the girl has got star quality.

Also, whether or not you love Vogue or find it too cliche or too "mainstream" or too darn expensive (okay, so I may be falling further into the latter category each day I spend in London...), it's undoubtable that the magazine is always beautiful and always ideal for escapism. Now if only I could escape with the November issue and a nice hot bath and a glass of bubbly... Shame my shower is pokey and claustrophobic with a truly suffocating shower curtain to boot. Ah well... there's always Christmas!

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