Christmas Came Early!

Ho ho hello! Christmas may be a depressingly long time away, but for me it really did come early today. Now I love a freebie- anything from a glass of champagne to a set of Nike shower gels (the only thing i'd ever won before today)- and I would have been mental to turn down a lovely friend's offer to hit Westfield's "One Night Only" event in the luxurious "Village", in association with Harpers Bazaar and Esquire.

With my lovely LCF chums Nicole and Harriet (who both write absolutely fantastic blogs which you'd be mad not to check out! Click here for Nicole's and here for Harriet's!), we got out our little invites and headed to the Village, dripping with black and silver Christmas decorations.

We arrived to a live band, complimentary champagne, delightful cocktails  and sushi to boot. So- as a thrifty girl- I was pretty happy that we'd headed here after a pretty successful day at uni, and it wasn't costing a penny.

Then we noticed a little charity draw by the Kiehl's counter downstairs, and were understandably intrigued. A big glass case held a number of silver baubles with little tags and, after donating to The Teenage Cancer Trust, we were able to take our pick to enter a prize draw. And I won. ME! I NEVER WIN!

It gets better. I was expecting the prize to be a bottle of perfume at best, but my jaw hit the floor when I spotted a Mulberry Alexa on the prize shelf. And it was mine, mine, mine!!!

Is it sad that i'm ecstatic?! I LOVE FREEBIES!
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