If fashion is your trade, then when you're naked, I guess you must be unemployed...

My adoration of Jarvis Cocker is one I make no attempt to disguise, and if ever I am feeling low I will play "Do You Remember The First Time", have a cry and feel sorry for myself. Guess what I did this afternoon then?... Embarrassing, but true.

So once my favourite Pulp track was done, iTunes made the natural progression to the sultry "Underwear" (I literally melt every time I hear Jarvis' voice) which got me thinking- maybe I should stop moping around and do a little blog post instead? Nothing better to do after all (mopey, mopey, mope- apologies!)

Christmas is obviously a time for giving, a time for family, a time for love and a time for sobbing through 'Love Actually' while stuffing Harvey Nichols mini-mince pies down your throat....

I've never done the latter, of course, that was just hypothetical. Mine were M&S (full size).

Christmas is about that little excitement you get when you see the red cups in Starbucks and that comforting scent of boozy cranberry sauce and roast Turkey. It's also all about little indulgences that you wouldn't bother with at any other time of year.

So why not take a little break from Christmas shopping and treat yourself to the greatest little luxury of all- lingerie.

Even if you are single this Christmas (like me... yet again - cue the violins), there is nothing nicer or more special than beautiful lingerie beneath thermal layers and fairisle knits.

Above are some of my favourites from the beautiful bargains (3 for 2 on bras at New Look) to the totally unjustifiably extravagant vintage lace pieces by La Perla. Perhaps they are all justifiable, though. You've earned it!
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