I know, I know, my posts have been pretty appalling of late. Even my own mother has lambasted my recent efforts, and is worried what my poor followers will be going through in my SW Fashion dry-spell (she doesn't realise that she is probably the only dedicated follower of SW Fashion).

However, the recent completion of my LCF deadlines has meant that I am now free for Christmas! The great load of essays and presentations has been lifted off my shoulders (the pathetic fact that I did all my essays a week or two in advance doesn't really matter, I will ALWAYS find something to stress about), and I can now focus entirely on SW Fashion for the festive period.

The party season is always a great time for the blog as there is just so much in the fashion industry to talk about! Finally we can slip our feet into something a little sparklier (oh hello Miu Miu) and shimmy ourselves into little cocktail dresses.

Over the next few weeks the blog will be regularly updated with an array of treats that even santa couldn't contend with. From high street trends to the return of FridayFashionBulletin, by way of personal gift guides and wishlists- SW Fashion will be back on track before you can even hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling-ding-ding-ding-aling-do.

Tonight was my first evening of full-on Christmas-ness. We went for a fabulous meal at Dishoom in the stunning Covent Garden followed by a cosy movie night, curled up in my Topshop fairisle cardigan, watching the genius that is Elf with the comfort of a warm mince pie with custard (the 300 calories? i'm trying to forget that part, hopefully I can find a forgiving party dress that will allow for these indulgences without the guilty conscience!)

I also took the opportunity to embrace the glittering sparkle of the festive period in every way possible. I know that I often confess my undying love for shoes/bags/food/dresses, but this week I have a newfound adoration for my first impulse purchase in a long time. I had my Westfield voucher kicking around for a while, simply waiting for that one item that just set my heart a-flutter, and this week I found it. 

I have a real soft spot for cuban-heel ankle boots, and I am also a total magpie for sparkle. So imagine my unadulterated joy of spotting a pair of tan Topshop ankle boots with a beautifully twinkling glittery heel. I had to buy them (with a sneaky 30% off- cheers Stylist!) and haven't taken my eyes off them since- even texting my mum a picture of my new babies (don't worry Alexa, I do still love you just as much!).

They are perfect to add a little bit of style to even the most casual outfit- and they are ridiculously comfy! Today was their first outing, and I really went for it with the sparkle- you could have popped me on top of your Christmas tree!

I purchased- as a deadline-day treat- an OPI 'Nicole' glitter nail polish with finish that looks like a glistening firework (Rainbow in the Sky-lie) and had to try it out this evening. Paired with a cheap ring from Camden and my beloved (Accessorize) silver ring, my glitz blitz begins. I then slipped on my trusty jeans (I know, I need a new pair- the baggy knees and safety-pinned waistband are not particularly stylish) and a new £19.99 burnished gold lurex jumper from H&M. Add my little booties and Alexa and my first foray into Christmas sparkle is complete.

At this rate I may be mistaken for a bauble- please someone stop me purchasing a gold sequin dress... I doubt I can resist for the second year running!
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