1,2,3 and Detox

Like me, you MAY be a little bit sick of seeing sequins/glitter/faux fur/jewels/satin/mesh this time of year.

One browse round Lipsy left me feeling like I could happily never see another garish patterned bandeau dress in my lifetime! I feel like my eyes need a post party season cleansing.

As with every other aspect of my life, I need a fashion detox.

I have spent the last few days drinking champagne and becoming immersed in a depressing cycle of going  to the kitchen, thinking i'll take a little crumb of chocolate cake, taking a massive slice, then feeling seriously guilty, before starting again... THE DETOX WILL HAPPEN OKAY. Just give me a few more days with my Christmas chocolates and remainders of the cheese board. Early January's the beginning! My London friends will be shocked to learn that I may actually drink more green tea than usual! Green tea, porridge and soup shall return my body to temple-dom.

As for the fashion detox, here are a few little spritely pre-BS/S must haves to get you out of post- Christmas gloom and set your sights firmly on next summer, which is set to be a real beauty!

It'll be here in the blink of a (bleary) eye, mark my words!

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