Blushing NYE Beauty

Instead of a reflective post about 2011, or about resolutions for 2012 or all the high and low points of the past year, i'm going to keep this light and post about New Years Eve beauty. I fear that if I start getting reflective I will get teary and SW Fashion will become a little autobiography that nobody really wants to read. I'll save my New Years ramblings and tears for my nearest and dearest (lucky you) or perhaps my dog. 

We all want to look our best as we ring in the New Year- start as you mean to continue and aw' that- and it does go beyond that fabulous dress you've been hunting down for weeks. 

To be honest, nobody wants their New Years Day hungover dragged down further by the pain of a DISGUSTING picture on Facebook (untag, untag, untag), so here are a few little beauty treats to keep you looking perfect on NYE. I've taken it as my duty to ensure you are overwhelmed with potential New Years kisses. 

I'm holding out for Ryan Gosling or Rob 'from off of the Great British Bake-Off' Billington.

Anything else and I shall be very disappointed.  

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