Dalston Dolls

Now I don't know about you, but for me some aspects of Christmas really have gone downhill as i've grown up.

While I do love spending the morning experimenting with all of my new lotions and potions (with the exception of the Lip Injection Extreme two years ago which brought me out in a  rash of itchy white lumps), I kind of miss the days where you would run through to your bedroom and play with all your new toys waiting for the grandparents to arrive with more pressies and their contribution to the sumptuous turkey feast that commences around two o'clock, by which time I have already doubled my weight in Walkers Sensations and moreish selection boxes.

Steadily approaching my 18th birthday in January, I really thought my days of Barbie-adoration were over with. Little did I know, that Bleach salon in London have teamed up with Barbie to turn her into a fantastically cool London girl, complete with some zany hair dye. The Dalston based salon that kickstarted the dip-dye trend have collaborated with Barbie to create the Barbie Design Printables Kit which allows you to style your Barbie however you please! The £29.99 kit contains 16 hair extensions for you and 6 for Barbie as well as a little doll, and is the perfect grown-up gift!

They are absolutely fantastic and are definitely a cool-girl collector piece. You can see more for yourselves on the Bleach X Barbie tumblr page if you click here. They update it daily showing how you can decorate your doll, or if you're feeling daring, yourself!

Now i'm just waiting for Wah nails to team up with Polly Pocket and i'm back to my youth!

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