If you are reading this and you have purchased all your Christmas presents and now only have to fret about planning your Christmas telly schedule: congratulations!

I really do envy you.

As much as that lovely little John Lewis advert does make you appreciate the joys of giving over the festive period, shopping for Christmas presents is never quite as charming as the recipient's eventual smile.   The main fear is that you wont even get a real smile, you'll get a forced one or, even worse, a look of sheer disappointment.

"Oh... another diary... cool."

So how do we eradicate this problem, faced by everyone at Christmas? Today was my sixth attempt at Christmas shopping and there are still boxes left un-ticked on my gift list- what do you buy the person that seemingly has everything? And, even worse, what do you buy the person that is just too darn picky?!

I'm here to help! This post (aims to) contain a number of gift ideas that even the most miserable girl will appreciate. From booze (always a winner) to simple vouchers, let these last few days of advent be as indulgent and lazy as they should be. Nobody wants to spend Christmas day on Oxford Street drowning in bags full of sorry socks and scarves.

No excuses this time!

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