Ruffle My Feathers

As with the jumpsuit I featured in 'Wolf Whistles', I have once more fallen in love with a way out my price range dress from Whistles.

This gorgeous, pared-down shift is the most chic party dress I have seen on the high street, and the feathered hem just brings it bang up to date. I haven't felt this way about a dress since the Kate Moss panther dress at Topshop (I can't get it out of my head- size 6s still go on ebay for about £200... I would genuinely invest if I thought it would fit, but one seller said a size 6 was big enough to fit a 10 so i'm stuffed!) 

This dress needs nothing more than a pair of gorgeous luxurious heels and some slick grooming and you will be the belle of the ball. It may be £265 (did you hear my heart breaking just there? my balance stands at £20.37...) but if you are looking for a failsafe and timeless dress with an edge, this one is the golden ticket.

Just don't wear it anywhere I will see it- no need to gloat! 

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