Santa and Sobriety

Worryingly, the site I found this on had captioned this image "Champagne and Cigarettes: My favourite dinner" Oh dear. 

Finally having completed my first term at LCF (tiresome and stressful as it may have been, I coped... just!)  I am now able to focus 100% on Christmas and relaxation! Okay, so maybe I have done a little bit of Teeline Shorthand revision, but I can't help but feel guilty when I see that textbook lurking in the corner of my bedroom... That aside, I am relaxing with Masterchef and the many magazines that have been sidelined this term.

This morning I took a little trip to my local Waitrose (good to be home!) and purchased this weeks Grazia magazine and was able to devour it as I used to, without worrying about my essays/research file. Aah what a luxury that was, honeyed green tea in one hand and Grazia in the other, I curled up in my pyjamas and read it cover to cover.

One particular feature caught my eye and I felt a post was in order. Let me ask you if you have ever heard of 'Drunkorexia' (witty name, huh?). Apparently this is the new craze- saving up your calories for binge drinking... Mmm nutritious!

It's a thought that sends shivers down my spine. A bottle of fruity cider has roughly the same calorific content as a Double Decker, for that bottle of white wine you could have had a whole Leggera pizza at Pizza Express and instead of those three glasses of Champagne (what it takes to get me tipsy... okay, drunk) you could have an almond croissant or a Krispy Kreme donut... A moment for a sip, a lifetime on yer hips.

It's enough to drive me to sobriety. I have all but gone off vodka and now tend to only drink fizzy wines and cherry brandy (not exclusively, but that's all I really like!), so I think I could perhaps cope a Christmas without bevvy. But could you?

Hmm. It makes you wonder what your social life would be like if nobody drank. People tend to hide behind "drunk them" and even the shyest of shy can become larger than life when plied with a few drinks, so it's definitely worth thinking about how different parties could be if everyone shunned their tipple of choice and simply embraced being sober!

Okay, it could get very boring, but I am sure I am not alone in not wanting those extra five pounds that the average woman piles on during the festive period! So would you go as far as starving yourself so as to enjoy your bubbly on Christmas day without a surge of guilt? As much as it would be nice to go a night without the dieting minx on my shoulder constantly chanting "chubba chubba chubba" as I pour another drink, I doubt that this is an advisable dieting "trend"... I'd much rather a nice pizza than a few glasses of wine!

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