The Divine Miss Moss

by Shona Wallace, @SWfashion_

Today (ooookay, yesterday if you're nitpicking!) was Kate Moss' birthday.

Would you believe it that arguably Britain's most stunning woman is just two years shy of the big 4-0?! I can't! And I would be very grateful, if the gods of ageing are reading, that I can look as beautiful as Moss when I hit my late thirties.

The fact that i'm merely in my late teens and still nowhere near as hot as her? That's irrelevant.  

I felt that I should do a post celebrating my number one style icon's best looks to coincide with her birthday (just a few days till mine as well), and we can sit back and appreciate how much British fashion owes to this true icon of modern times!

I had to really rack my brains to find my favourite of Mossy's outfits over the years, especially without access to my loser-ish collection of Kate-based literature (Angela Buttolph's book is the best, but still resides in Edinburgh next to the Mario Testino books and the biography), but here's my pick of some classically Kate looks. How could we cope without her?

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hince! 

I'm still hunting high and low for a size 6 Kate Moss Topshop Panther dress at a reasonable price.
If anyone can help PLEASE contact me! I adore it!
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