A Little Taste of SS12

So Christmas and New Years have been and gone, in typical blink-and-you'll-miss-it fashion, but there is still plenty to look forward to- mainly the brand spanking new year ahead of us!

I am hoping to give SW Fashion a bit of a 2012 facelift in the coming days, and am excited about what this year will bring what with a few potentially exciting opportunities!

But, as one of my favourite sayings goes, "cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow and live today"... (sorry to be going all mystic Meg on ya... I shan't make a habit of it!)

Anyway, SS12 is just round the corner and as the sales are flailing and only the rubbish bits and bobs remain, the new stock should start appearing like pretty little tulips in the grass (cute, eh?).

A few trend reports shall be coming soon, but here is my first flirtation with the new season- the Louis Vuitton bouffant.

My hair has become pretty shockingly dry and brittle of late, so i've been looking for a few flattering up-dos to detract from my pathetic excuse for hair. This one is a definite favourite. It is so easy, so pretty and so on trend for next season- how could you resist?!

I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but I think my attempt at this wispy bun from the flirty Louis Vuitton show is pretty good- even if i'm not quite blessed with Kate's flawless bone structure or Ms. Rubik's annoyingly perfect features. 

And it's easy as one, two, three!

Step One: Simply spritz your hair with dry shampoo or apply a hair powder (I suggest Tigi Bed Head's new Candy Fixations range which does a hair powder called Sugar Dust that smells delicious!). This will create the perfect texture for volume and that wispy, mussed up texture. 

Step Two: Back brush your hair all over. If you have thicker hair then focus on the roots, but if your hair is very fine like mine, simply back brush it all. Once you look like you have stuck your finger in an electrical socket you are good to go! It will look horrendously messy, but brush your hair back from your face until it is smooth and gather the remainder into a ponytail or a bun and secure with either a clip or a band. 

Step Three: At this point, your hair should look tousled and volumised at the back, but smooth at the front. Then add your choice of hairband. Skinny and white/cream was the look at Louis Vuitton, but I opted for a beautiful embellished band from Anthropologie. Here's where you can really make the look your own, but if you want to keep it really on-trend go for something in a delicate pastel. Once the band is in, use your fingers to muss up the back even more and get your desired texture, then spray all over with a light hairspray.

This hairstyle is perfect with a pretty dress or blouse, but would also work for daytime to soften up an edgier look or add a new season twist to your jumper and jeans.

Let me know how it works for you, or tweet me a picture at @SWfashion_ !

Happy New Year everyone!
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