Ring a Ding Bling

Excuse moi for the silly title (although, to be honest, you should be used to my terrible puns by now), but I have stumbled upon a new online jewellery boutique, via Twitter, that I think I may have fallen in love with.

First was my obsession with Rock'n'Rose, which is still going pretty darn strong, and then came my infatuation with all things Alex Monroe, which was very much a look but don't purchase scenario- I am a poor student, remember? Now my latest obsession is a little e-tailer known as Chelsea Doll.

It's full of gorgeous little quirky trinkets that will get everyone asking "where did you get that?!". If, like me, you are getting a wee bit sick and tired of seeing the same Topshop or Urban Outfitters pieces, this website is perfect for you.

It offers a number of different styles of jewellery, as well as scarves, belts and even beauty products. So not only is it the perfect place to treat yourself, it's the perfect place to buy a quick and easy present! I'm just irritated I didn't discover it before Christmas!

I also love the idea of the "lucky dip", where you spend anything from £10 to £50 and get a random selection of lovely products, as well as a free gift. I'd be a little too much of a wimp to try it, but it'd be a lovely gift for a girly girl!

However, my favourite section of the site is the Chelsea Doll Bridal range. Now hold your horses- i'm not getting married, I just happen to adore all the delicate pendants and the beautiful hair accessories that are ideal for working the SS12 Messy Mossy bun I featured the other day (check out my how-to here!).

They also have a cracking sale, with a YSL-style ring for just £5! Oh, and it's free delivery so nothing to put you off the online shopping!

I can feel my Christmas money drip, drip, dripping away and my earring/ring/pendant collection taking over my bedroom.
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