Sugar, Spice (let's just ignore the price!)

by Shona Wallace, @SWfashion

Every single season, I fall in love with at least five items in the Mulberry collection, and this season is no obsession. It's getting quite frustrating as cash-strapped student.

Here is my pick of Mulberry's new stock (depress yourselves here!) and it really is so sweet. The pastel colours that are ubiquitous everyspring time are still around this year, and Mulberry have done their's in the most covetable fashion possible.

This is true dolly prettiness. Little shifts that kick out at the waist into full skirts just made for swirling, softly pointed pumps in glossy petal patents or scattered with gems, peplums that accentuate a dainty waist and beautiful structured handbags to add a ladylike edge. It's just perfection and I want every last piece.

Mulberry why, oh why, must you do this to me every season? Surely I don't deserve it...


Excuse the lack of decent posts of late, it has just been my 18th birthday and i'm just getting back to reality! However, I was lucky enough to factor some Mulberry into my birthday weekend with a big sister for my Baby Oak Alexa- say hello to my new true love. Who needs a human Valentine? (keep checking the blog for a series of bitterness imbued posts about Valentines day!) I also thought i'd share with you lovely lot a picture of my AMAZING cake that my AMAZING parents got me as a total surprise. Red velvet cake in the form of a Louboutin shoe box with a barcode reading "Happy 18th Shona"... Why must it be over? Roll on my 21st!

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