The Week of Fashion Fantasy

by Shona Wallace, @SWfashion_

Haute Couture is undoubtedly one of the fashion industry's most exciting and fantastical aspects. While RTW is often dreamy and covetable, nothing quite beats the undeniable spectacle of Couture fashion week in Paris. I dream and dream of one day being invited to a couture show (Givenchy, if i'm being picky, but i'll take Chanel...) and mingling with the truly rich and the truly fabulous of fashion's elite. 

Every garment is a product of hours of detailed design and meticulous craftsmanship, and is destined to be worn, or displayed, as an art form. Haute Couture is just the perfect example of how fashion isn't just about skinny girls and clothes, it's so much more than that- it really is art and, ultimately, a form of escapism. 

The first show of note would be Versace. Versace is undeniably back with a bang, tackling the economic gloom full throttle with the classic Versace aesthetic of heavy gold and dazzling jewel tones. Versace H&M increased the youth awareness of the brand, that last saw such exposure in the 1980s, and now it is one of the most coveted brands around. I expect to see the tutti-frutti H&M collection all over the place! This modern lift of Versace, also helped by Christopher Kane's genius input at Versus, has reached it's peak this Couture fashion week with the first Versace Haute Couture collection in eight years- and what a show.



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