Springtime Sweetie

by Shona Wallace, @SWfashion_

Those pesky Siberian winds appear to have fled for the time being, and with London Fashion week about to kick off, there could not have been a better time for the sun to start shining.

Yesterday's temperatures were the highest I have experienced for weeks, and the bright sunny day, complete with blue skies, infinitely cheered me up. So here is a cheery pastel based post to get you all excited for Spring. 

I know, I know... I should probably get over the pastel obsession but, as my friend Harriet of 'Falling in London', would agree, they are so mood-lifting and pretty! Frankly, they are good enough to eat!

This maxi dress is just lovely to pep up a dull day, especially with the adorable Mulberry jewellery which I have fallen for BIG time. Add other ice-cream shades to lift the look and total up some serious SS12 potential. 

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