Cash or Cals?

As Easter approaches, and shops fill with enticing chocolate-y delights, I have never felt hungrier. Constantly. I WANT CHOCOLATE NOW... Please.

I have decided, after finding out that the majority of easter eggs contain an excess of 800 calories- a thought that sends shivers down my spin, I will be good about being bad and simply ask for a small box of Charbonnel et Walker pink Marc de Champagne truffles, despite the hugely tempting eggs that wink at me from the new Hotel Chocolat store in Edinburgh.

Or, instead of gaining several hundred pounds, I could lose several thousand pounds and buy a Fabergé egg pendant from their new online store? Different kind of pound, but still.

The beautifully intricate trinkets are extravagantly expensive and coincide with the lovely Big Egg Hunt in London (London, I miss you). The website states that the dazzling rose gold and diamond offering at £6738 is the perfect easter gift, and if that is the case my parents have been slacking, big time.

If I receive another pack of Mini Eggs expect a full diva strop, this sapphire and diamond one should do  nicely. 

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