Double Denim Disaster or Delight?

It is one of the 1990's great fashion faux pas- the criminal offence that is double denim. Denim jacket? Acceptable. Jeans/ denim skirt or shorts? Perfectly normal. Together?! Bleugh. Are you Justin and Britney or Posh and Becks in chav-stage? Nope, just leave it then.
However, with the great 1990s return- seen in the sudden surge of sportswear on the high street and catwalk, and even the return of the high side ponytail (I know, but see my post about Ashish, where it actually looked quite cool!)- the double denim look has returned and it can be a mighty hit or a mighty miss!

While I do have a bit of girl crush on Ri-Ri, this look is a tad cheap for my liking. The black accessories do break it up a bit, but on the whole it is NOT the most flattering look on one of the sexiest women in fashion.

However, on the gorgeous fashion fairy that is Kate Bosworth, the look is adorable. A dip-dye denim shirt, layered with an oversized vest and dark skinnies (emphasis on DARK, too matchy-matchy can be problematic!) is a fantastic relaxed LA look that I am seriously envious of. Why can't I look like Kate?! Come on. It's not fair!

So what're your thoughts on the Double Denim return? Do you disagree that Rihanna looks a little naff? Or do you think the whole thing should be buried beside scrunchies in the 1990s hall of lame?

Do let me know via my twitter, or comment below! Thanks!

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