Hello Moto

In a mad panic over what to wear to London Fashion Week, I was- for the first time in my life, might I add- struggling to find something I wanted in Topshop.

In all seriousness. Me. 

And before you snap "go somewhere else then...", I had a skirt to exchange. I saw many pretty dresses and lots of lovely shoes, but nothing was really grabbing me, until I saw a pair of pastel blue jeans.

To this day, I still regret starting ballet at the tender age of three as constant toe-pointing and tippy-toeing has left me with bulging calf muscles which have an annoying tendency to look chunky and tree-trunky. I digress, but basically light denim does NOT flatter me in the slightest. 

However, these lovely Leigh jeans had to be an exception! They are soft and stretchy meaning they are comfortable and fit like a dream, and the colour is the perfect way to wear pastels this season without looking like a packet of Love Hearts.

I now have my heart set on the white jeans, and they have made it into my short and concise list of things I need for summer. I just love them! Trust me- these are tried and tested denim that I absolutely love. I don't think i'll be going back to my Abercrombie skinnies again, especially as these are just £38!

Get a pair here, but leave some white ones for me please?

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