Mother's Day Gift Guide

The 'Gift Guide' is back folks, and this time it's for something EVEN more important than Christmas! It's approaching March 18th, the sunny Sunday where the most important women in the world will be pampered within an inch of their lives. It is, of course, mothering Sunday!

I adore my mum beyond belief. Even though i'm a bit of a moody sort at times, and even though I can let this out on her, she is still the most amazing women and will always do the right thing. I often find myself in a situation where I have no other option but to call Mum (or Dad, but it ain't father's day so he can take a back seat) and tend to find myself thinking "what would mum do?" My Mother really does know best, and I love her so much that I wish I could treat her every single day, as she deserves.

Aaw, getting all soppy here, but since I moved to London I have only appreciated my mother more, and i'm sure many of my readers- perhaps at university too- will feel the same way (about their own mothers, hopefully, not mine!)

Most mums spend so much time looking after their children, or worrying about them, that they more than deserve this one special day. When I stupidly asked "what day is children's day?" my mum responded with "every day!", and it is very true.

I have thought long and hard about what to buy her for a present, and I am going to do a few posts to help you along too. Flowers never go amiss though, and i'm sure every mum would appreciate a photo frame or a candle, but I have put together some more creative ideas, split into categories, so you can get your mum the perfect gift!

... And mum, I know you'll be reading this, i've not included your present so don't get too excited... Yet!

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