Stolly, Bolly and Mossy?

Spot the difference?

I make no secret of the fact that I am Kate Moss' number one fan- I just think she is amazing. End of. Even though I may not be able to convince Kate critics, like Harriet of the lovely beauty blog Falling in London, I will always gush about how amazing Kate is! So imagine my joy on finding out that she is set to star in the latest special of 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

I dream of one day living a totally frivolous and relaxed lifestyle like Patsy and Eddy, and my boxset of the show is my go-to if ever I feel low! And now Kate is set to join the cast for a Sports Relief special which is to be aired on the 23rd of March on BBC1. I can't wait!

So if you're as much of a fan as me- feast your eyes on these amazing Ab Fab quotes from one of my favourite twitter accounts which I suggest you follow NOW!

Eddy: You cannot give these clothes to the poor! I'm sure they've got enough to contend with,without the humiliation of wearing last season!

Eddy: I've got to have a life, haven't I? I mean work should just be a little side salad, shouldn't it sweetie.

Eddy: Have you eaten something?
Patsy: No. Not since 1973

Eddy: I mean, you know what it's like, you've given up drinking before.
Patsy: The worst eight hours of my life

Eddy: What are you drinking darling?
Patsy: Oh, Chanel No.5

Eddie: "I shall drink water Pats"
Patsy: •confused look•
Eddie: "Water, we have it with whiskey."
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