Want, Want, Need

Everyone knows i'm a little bit obsessed with neons this season- there is just something so alluring about a neutral outfit with the added zing of a fluoro accessory (see what I mean with THIS post). But, alas, i'm too much of a wuss to buy anything REALLY neon- returning a bright yellow H&M t-shirt tomorrow as I know, for fact, I can't pull it off with the pizazz of Olivia Palermo et al (I'm talking about this divine Olivia P look, natch.)

I think I may have to stick to little accessories for a nod to the nude and neon, or just nailpolish. YAWN. But if you, unlike me, actually have some fashion balls you would be insane not to buy this Zara TRF jacket (£59.99) which is just beyond gorgeous.

Worn, as Zara styled it, with distressed denim and a slouchy tee, this look is beyond amazing and I adore it. I noticed a gorgeous lady at LFW wearing a neon yellow blazer and she looked phenomenal, I wish I could pull myself together and realise I AM A FASHION STUDENT. I AM YOUNG. I MUST TAKE FASHION RISKS.

But... that little lace dress is just so tempting, i'll keep it nice and safe, thanks.

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