Back to The Big Smoke

And so, after an almost too long easter holiday, I am on my way back to the big city. I have had an amazing MONTH at home, but I am happy to be going back to reunite with my lovely London girls and return to some of my favourite London haunts. This is my final term of my first year at London College of Fashion and I am beyond excited to get to work on this term's rather fun assignment! 

Nonetheless, I am going to miss the beautiful city of Edinburgh (and my friends and family- obv) quite a bit, especially given that I had a train to catch meaning no Sunday roast! I have a horrible feeling that the next few days may be plagued with a bit of homesickness (thank god for Skype!), but perhaps these plaid Jeffrey Campbell shoes could be the cure? 

As the Solestruck's "disclaimer" notes: "these are freakin' dangerous, in the hottest way possible." I have been madly in love with JC shoes for a good while now, but fear I am not quite steady enough on my heels to splurge on a pair just yet!

I also am waaaaay too accustomed to pretty dresses and pastels to buy a pair of shoes that potentially double as a weapon, but whoever gets their mitts on these Lita's will spark some serious shoe envy.

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