Call Me?

Ever since I got my iPhone (aka: my life) I have been hunting for the perfect cover. A chic, pretty and quirky case is quite tricky to find, especially on a budget, but I feel I may have struck gold with my latest discovery: Iconemesis.

Iconemesis is a great concept, decorating iPhone covers (both 3G and 4G) with beautiful designs by the UK's finest artists. It's all about iPhone covers that reflect your own unique style and personality, and let's not forget how gorgeous they are! 

From cutesy Fifi Lapin illustrations to zingy Tropical designs, these are certainly worth the £24.99! They also make the perfect present for a style-conscious friend. 

As far as i'm concerned, it's all well and good having the perfect hair, the manicured nails and the 'it' bag, but if your phone looks shabby what's the point? Check out the Iconemesis site here, and follow them on Twitter here! 

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