Fizzy Fashion

What is the world's most fashionable drink?...

Perhaps it's Champagne or a tall, extra hot, skinny, soy, double shot, no-whip latte? Or maybe it's Kate Moss' favourite Ritz cocktail (find out Kate's poison here), or crystal clear Grey Goose? 

While there is no denying that all these drinks are more than a little bit chic, the fashionable tipple of choice always has been Diet Coke, and always will be!

Calorie free but sweet and fizzy, an ice-cold bottle of Diet Coke is the perfect stylish refreshment. Over the years Diet Coke has sponsored and collaborated with a number of fashionable folk, and it is certainly the best dressed soft drink.

The latest Haute Couture designer to work with Diet Coke is Jean Paul Gaultier who, as this year's Creative Director, has designed three limited edition bottles. The first two, pictured above, are due for release in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide as of April 16th- so not long to wait at all!

The bottles are called "Day", featuring the trademark Gaultier breton stripes, and "Night" which is reminiscent of those sexy Jean Paul Gaultier Madame bottles, with lacy corsetry and fishnet detail. The third design, "Tattoo", is set to be unveiled later this year, alongside a sweet collectors set including a navy and white striped glass. 

As if I needed to feed my addiction to Diet Coke any more! I reckon Gaultier's are even more covetable than Lagerfeld's designs (see them here)

See the television commercial below!

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