Meanie Bikini

What do you do when you hear the word Bikini?
a) Squirm
b) Scream and curl up under your duvet
c) Grin and whip off your dress to reveal a flawless figure in a Melissa Odabash number

Aside from the enviably and unbearably body-confident among us, most would opt for a or b. 

Let's face it: bikini's are, excuse my French, bloody terrifying.

Effectively four little triangles to cover your modesty and that is it. Everything else is on display for intense scrutiny and undeniable bitchiness. For once I am left longing for slouchy knitwear and deceptively loose t-shirts. As much as we should love our bodies, it's not unusual to be slightly critical of the skin you're in. 

It is no real secret that I am recovering from an eating disorder. Any regular reader could probably pick up on my obsession with food/skinny women/body image, and as I move into my final term of first year, I am aiming, reluctantly, to get up to a size eight. I am told to gain roughly a stone, the prospect of which fills me with dread, but I hope I can do it and HOPEFULLY won't look too repulsive in a bikini on my holidays.

What could help me, though, is someone buying me a Mulberry bikini in a size eight? Purely for motivational purposes, of course.

While these pretty patterned babies won't exactly conceal any flaws or flatter a fuller figure, they are beyond gorgeous. All swirly florals and pastel perfection, they are simple but still pack a punch and are miles away from those horrendous push-up ones available in most stores at the moment.

Prior to a full bikini edit coming soon to SW Fashion, these offer up just a splash of poolside perfection to whet your appetite.

But if your appetite is the problem when it comes to bikini confidence I have a couple of tips for you (try HERE, HERE and HERE)... Thank me from the beach ladies.

And never forget the three golden rules of bikini shopping:

* Wear PLENTY of fake tan to trick the unflattering changing room lights
* Go before lunch- even skinny girls look hideous in a bikini with a bloated belly
* Try and forget that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gisele Bundchen ever existed... They are mere freaks of nature.

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