Pursuit of Prettiness #1

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NEW FEATURE ALERT! I am a total beauty junkie and I have been in love with beauty products from a very young age, from sweet Lush bath bombs to that fizzy skin tingle of the cult Bliss Triple Oxygen mask. Though this blog is called SW Fashion, which indicates, surprisingly, that I mostly write about fashion, recently I have branched out to write about beauty and lifestyle just for a bit of variety. If you want to read more of my beauty posts click HERE or stay tuned for my new weekly feature- Pursuit of Prettiness.

I am not a natural beauty, and in the morning I am a gremlin. My skin is oily and breaks out daily and I have small eyes and thin lips, not to mention brittle hair. So why, oh why, could I ever write about beauty when i'm not even all that pretty? I suppose that's the reason. I have spent my life in pursuit of prettiness and it has never, and never will, come easily or cheaply! If a product makes a noticeable improvement on me, imagine what it could do for someone naturally gorgeous! The first of my posts is all about nails, because ANYONE can pull off a statement nail.

Everyone knows that nail art is huge this season, and there has never been a better time to experiment with bold and daring nail designs than right now.

The fact that I spent most of this week shielding myself from the rain with my leather jacket before curling up in front of my laptop with a creamy hot chocolate just goes to show that Spring is not exactly in full bloom. Curse you, global warming, you are more than a little bit inconvenient. And with what seems to be a thunder storm and smatterings of hail, I am guessing that my sugary collection of chiffon and pastel pieces is set to stay in hibernation for a good few weeks.

The only positive point about these unfriendly weather conditions is that, while fashion creativity is limited, you can take a few risks on the beauty front. I'm talking, of course, about nails.

Nails are the easiest way to add a bit of sunny cheer to your look, and just now there are so many tropical colours and dazzling designs to dabble in. 

Whether you are a nail novice or  pro, there will definitely be a way for you to liven up your polish collection this season. Let's also not forget how cheap and cheerful nail polish is!

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