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Last week's holiday, to the remote Scottish isle of Arran, was a lovely and relaxing trip. All we did was eat and go on the occasional walk, but it was certainly a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of London. 

The week was supposed to be a bit of a detox but was, in fact, a retox fuelled by Creme Eggs and greasy Lorne sausages (google 'em if you're not Scottish- the square sausage is quite the marvel...). However, this week shall be my return to healthy eating, and I have kickstarted it with a mammoth pamper session with my new beauty treats.

Arran Aromatics is a Scottish company that is mostly known for staid soaps and candles, but they do offer so much more than that! I stocked up on some gorgeous beauty booty, including hand creams, scrubs and a sweet and syrupy honey shower gel. Here, however are my two favourite picks which I had to share with you! 

The Sea Mud Mask
Anyone else who is unfortunate enough to suffer from acne will know how horrible it is. No matter how hard you try to cover up unsightly pimples and scarring, those pesky spots will always reek havoc with your beauty regime. 

After some advice from the lovely Harriet- a budding beauty journalist and fellow blogger (read her beauty blog here), I have turned to Canadian make-up brand Cover FX to correct my problem skin. The foundation and medicated primer have left my skin in tip-top condition, and I am keen to keep it up!

Skincare is super important, and a weekly face mask is a treat that every girl needs. This natural and gentle sea mud mask is one of my new favourites. It is purifying and leaves skin smooth, bright and clear. The perfect accompaniment to a luxurious bubble bath and a stack of new magazines!

The Mineral Salt Scrub
Bikini season is just around the corner (sorry to remind you!) so why not start getting your skin smooth and supple a few months in advance? This soothing and balmy scrub is the perfect way to get your skin looking good as new. 

I used it today and my skin feels so velvety and glowing! The perfect base for my favourite Laura Mercier body souffle- oh, the delights of being back home!

Just get yourself to quick as all products are 3 for 2 until the 11th of April! 

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