Bat Those Lashes: Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara

This past week i've been trying out a new mascara in an attempt to get a bit of flutter back into my make up look. I've been exhausted of late so it's difficult to pep up my face, but I have really been quite impressed with the latest addition to my make up bag.

Having always been glued to my faithful mascaras, and rarely venturing outside my Max Factor comfort zone, I have been rather pleased with Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara (£12.90). Rituals is not necessarily known for cosmetics, but it's nature inspired products are rather luxurious. The new Urban Chic collection is inspired by dazzling city lights, and contains more vivid products than the we have come to expect from Rituals, as well as a top notch mascara.

A few coats and my lashes are much longer with plenty of volume and no clumps. My only niggle? Not perfect to wear if you are getting your eyebrows threaded... Rookie mistake but this mascara looks far less appealing running down my cheeks!

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