Ice Cream, You Scream

It may not exactly be summer temps just yet, but Mulberry and Tatler have joined forcers to bring a little bit of Sunshine into your week! And what better to cheer up a rubbish day at uni (*cough* today *cough) than a big Mr Whippy with sprinkles on top courtesy of the Mulberry ice cream van?

Mmm my tummy is rumbling at the thought! All you have to do is head down to one of the London locations this week and purchase a copy the oh-so patriotic June issue of rah-rah Tatler (check out the cover here!). You will then get yourself a little Mulberry ice cream and the first few will get a limited edition Mulberry canvas shopper. If you've already bought this month's cute Tatler, then there should be a coupon inside entitling you to a Mulberry Mr Whippy!

The van will be at Covent Garden today and Westfield (White City) on the 10th and 11th. If there are any other locations I shall let you know via twitter. Have a sweet afternoon!
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