Patriotic Puddings

I am proud to be British for many reasons, one of which is the puddings. Does that make me a pig? Totally trivial? Obsessed with food? Perhaps all of the above, but i'll hold my hands up to that. I love puddings and British ones are the best.

Sure, i'll take your Grasshopper Pie or your chocolate dipped churros, i'll even scoff that Tiramisu if you want (my best one yet? Missoni in Edinburgh), but if you were to offer me a glorious trifle, all jewel bright jelly and unctuous vanilla custard, i'd be putty in your hands. I am equally passionate about the Eton Mess; a mountain of whipped cream, chewy meringue clouds and swirls of seasonal british strawbs. And let us not forget the comforting warmth of the great British apple crumble- the satisfying softness of cinnamon dusted apples followed by the crunchy, sugary crumble.

Let's just say it: Britain do puds best. Just deal with it Michel Roux Jnr, Mary Berry's got you beat.

That is not to say, though, that every Brit has a secret talent for pudding production- I am a case in point. I once left it to my lovely mother and grannies to feed my sweet tooth and fatten me up Augustus Gloop stylee with their sticky toffee puddings and pavlovas, but now i've fled the nest I have been left to my own devices. As you are aware, my cooking style is less "made" more "microwaved"and as a result my sweet tooth has been deprived.

If you're also a fan of the ready meal, or baking-phobic, then fear not! While there are a million and one beautiful Jubilee recipes around at the moment, shun them all and get your pudding fix from Montezuma's chocolate (available online here and at Liberty)

The union-flag emblazoned choccy bars are delectable and now several new flavours, inspired by only the best British puds, have hit the stores in time for the jubilee next weekend. Choose from apple crumble, spotted dick, lemon meringue, summer pudding (mmm), treacle tart and the ubiquitous Eton Mess. Or, if you're feeling peckish, click here and purchase a cheeky box of pudding inspired truffles.

Apologies if this post has made you hungry... I'm also salivating, if that helps?

Your all time favourite British pud?

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