Pursuit of Prettiness #3

I have never been particularly big on using body moisturisers. With the exception of my favourite gradual tanner (read my post here), I tend to run straight from the shower to my pyjamas as I can not bear the cold long enough to apply a body cream. However, I do make an exception for products that are truly gorgeous, mainly ones that smell good enough to eat. 

As the temperature is slowly (pathetically) climbing, I am now able to brave the body creams and I have found a new favourite. For my birthday I was given the most deliciously indulgent set of Laura Mercier Almond Coconut bath honey, body souffle and scrub which I use every time I am home, but when in London I need a cheaper alternative to keep my skin in tip top condition. Step forward Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix (£9.95)

I received the Pistachio Sundae cream in a bag of goodies after a recent work experience, and it is now a permanent fixture in my beauty regime. At this age, it is easy to forget to moisturise, but if you never bother you will be kicking yourself in a few years time! Moisture is the key to beautiful skin and I definitely suggest adding a rich body creme, like this Nip + Fab one, to your summer beauty kit as it will definitely make a difference to your bikini body. You could be beautifully toned and tanned, but who cares if your skin is dry and lacklustre?

Now for the sciency bit- as can only be expected from Nip+Fab, Rodial's sister brand. These butters are so nourishing as they contain Aquaxyl which boosts the water reserves in the skin to prevent water loss and thus improve the texture and appearance of the skin. When applied straight from the shower onto slightly damp skin this rich cream sinks in and leaves a velvety result straight away, not to mention a nutty and delectably sweet scent.

As my generous 200ml pot is running low, I am thinking of buying another and am tempted to try the enticing Coconut Latte option, but the zingy mango smoothie sounds perfect for the hotter months. I definitely suggest a purchase as this body cream is oodles better than many I have tried.

Get yours HERE, or try a bit of each scent HERE

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